His real name is Lefter Cristian, born on April 9, 1992. He had a carefree childhood, with popular pop bands, cassette music, and limited resources. His parents bought him his first music system, and that’s how his passion for music and rhythm began. Any cassette with new music was brought home, played with a pencil and listened to until it was worn out.
At the age of 17 (in 2010), he discovered the famous software Virtual DJ. After a period of “playing” with the software at home, he got the opportunity to play music in a club in his hometown when he was 18 years old. After a short period of learning, at the age of 18 and a half, he earned his first money as a DJ, with which he bought his first console, Behringer 3000. From then on, everything was passion and hard work.
He became a resident in another club in his hometown, where for a year and a half, he entertained high school students at well-known balls, warm-up sessions, and main acts with special guests.
In 2011/2012, he left his hometown and arrived in Bucharest where he enjoyed his first residency in a location in a student campus. The first big stage where he played music was at Romexpo, at the Bucharest Wheels Arena, and from there, his blood pulsed even more music and the desire to be in front of people.
At the end of 2012, he became a resident at Reyna Club Bucharest, where he had amazing nights with names like Omnia, Prosix, Oliviu, Balcazar & Sordo, etc. From 2013-2018, he became a resident in a location in the old town, but he was also sought after by locations across the country, confirming many unforgettable events and parties.
In 2020, he decided to give up any kind of residency, launched his first track as part of the “Dj Osiris” project, THE LOVE YOU FEEL, and in 2021 he released five more tracks.
Over time, he has been a resident in many locations, has had numerous gigs across the country, and has “shared” the DJ booth with names such as Omnia, Balcazar & Sordo, Oliviu, Prosix, Rosario Internullo, Dobrikan, Adrian Vladu, Aless Andru, Godini, Mossano, and the list goes on. For the past three years, he has been one of the permanent guests on the beach at Kudos.
In the last year, his productions have reached radio stations in the country and abroad, including, MFM Pitesti, SpaceFm, CFM Constanta, Radio Son Sighisoara, Radio Marbella Spain, Nam Radio Africa, Radio de Beaurduleau Switzerland, Ejazz Radio Africa, Radio Vanilla Greece, Best Radio Albania, Music Factory Radio Greece, OneLuvFM England, KaneFM 103.7 England, FM Millennial Mexico, CBN Network USA, Radio3S France.
He has his own weekly mix session shows on, SpaceFM, and CFM Constanta.
His message for you is, “Music is my language.”